Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Rising Trend for In-Law Apartments

There is a rising national trend in new home construction that we're seeing evidence of in the Capital District; people are opting to add an in-law apartment to their new home plans and designs.  USA Today cites that, "3.5 million American households include adult children and their parents."  This is a number that is expected to rise as, "the country ages and baby boomers move into retirement," says Nancy Thompson, an AARP spokesperson.

We have worked with a number of families to customize a design to meet the needs of a family that wants to keep aging parents nearby, avoid institutionalized care, but still foster a sense of independence for family members.  Check out the floor plans below from our community Windsor Estates in Niskayuna.  This house, also featured above, has a one-story addition to our Biltmore plan, adding a Master Suite, Kitchen, Gathering Room, its own Garage with a wheelchair lift, and a Universally Compliant Bathroom.

At Hodorowski Homes, beyond the plans, we treat each portion of the home as if it were its own house, encouraging separate selection appointments, creating a unique feel for the distinct sections of the home.  At The Preserves, in Clifton Park, we recently completed a beautiful home with an in-law apartment.  Each family was able to express their unique tastes in the design and selection of materials.  Take a look below at the Family Room, Kitchen, Fireplace and Stairs of the main house and the distinctly different choices made in the neighboring two-story in-law apartment.

^ Main house, Family Room and Kitchen area.
^ Main house stairs.

^ Main house stairs and Kitchen
^ Main house Kitchen

^ In-Law apartment Kitchen
^ In-Law apartment Living Room

^ In-Law apartment stairs
^In-Law apartment Master Bathroom tub.

Do you and your family have the need for an in-law apartment?  Do you know of someone who does?  Keep in mind, some municipalities do not allow this type of accessory housing, so check with your local building department before getting too far along in the process.

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