Wednesday, December 7, 2016

What’s Trending In New Homes For 2017?

What design trends are going to be popping up in 2017? Check out what styles are starting to make their way into new homes as the year ends, so you can start planning your new Hodorowski home for the New Year!

·      COLOR. After years of stark whites and cool greys, the biggest trend for 2017 is color. From warm pastels, to earthy terracottas, to vibrant jewel tones. Be sure to include your favorite colors in your new home that make you happy, energetic, calm and inspired!

·      METALS. Whether you’re mixing brushed silver accents with shiny chrome fixtures, or indulging in the warmth of rich copper, metals are a hot topic.  Consider if you’re more of a silver or gold fan, and don’t be afraid to try something new! Whether it’s in your new kitchen or master bathroom, you can’t go wrong.

·      ORGANICS. Natural materials such as wood, cork and stone are increasingly popular for finishes. For example, cork walls, stone counters, salvaged wood doors.  If you’re moving your family into a larger home with an office or playroom, the cork walls could be great for inspiration.

·      PORCHES. Whether for sheer nostalgia value or as a modern family gathering space, homes with porches are high on everyone’s list.  Add one to your new Hodorowski home and envision yourself (alone or with your family!) relaxing and spending quality time together.

·      READING NOOKS. People are searching for quiet spots to “unplug” from their noisy digital worlds. Comfy corners for reading and unwinding are just the thing.  We love the concept of taking space and time to reboot and recharge, so it’s important that your new home includes a space to do so.

·      UPHOLSTERY & LUXE MATERIALS. Soft, furry and velvety are absolutely trending. From upholstered headboards to velvet pillows, faux fur rugs to down comforters, people love luxuriating in softness.  Whether it’s your style or not, try small by adding a pillow to your master bedroom bed, or a small rug in the master bathroom. If you love it, you can always add more!

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