Monday, May 18, 2015

Production Highlights: Mechanical Walk-Through

One of the highlights of building a brand new home, is seeing the development of your house as it begins to take shape. At Hodorowski Homes, we guide you through the process step by step from contract to closing. With every one of our houses, we provide a detailed mechanical walk-though with your sales agent, site foreman and electrician to help you decide where you want your light fixtures, and we show you where the plumbing will be. At this walk, you’ll have input on the placement of light fixtures, switches and other elements of your home. You’ll also get to see the cabinetry laid out and get an idea about the plumbing, heating, cooling and overall feel of the spaces. It's really a unique once in a lifetime experience for the house, since from that point on, all those electrical and mechanical items will be behind sheet rock.  Check out one of our customer's 'Heritage B' house design who recently had their mechanical walk-though at Stuyvesant Landing, in Slingerlands, New York.

^A view from inside the Kitchen looking at the plumbing in between the studs
      ^ The Main Bathroom, and the view of the front entry from the upstairs
^ A view of the front door and Foyer straight ahead, and the basement entry under the stairs.

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